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Prevention is at the heart of our services: We believe in providing our patients with proactive guidance to achieve a healthy balance in their lives, including a common sense approach to nutrition, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. We welcome you to read just a few of our patients’ testimonials here >http://www.myfamilydoctorseattle.com/Testimonials.html

My Family Doctor offers a full range of medical care to people of all ages, amidst a respectful environment, with a full team of professionals to assist you in your journey of health. Our philosophy is a direct reflection of our Primary Care Physician, Dr. Harrington...

About Terrill Harrington, MD, MS

As a family physician, Dr. Terrill Harrington provides the knowledge, experience, and guidance to assist people in their path to good health. He has received awards from his medical peers* for outstanding service in family medicine, as well as his personal dedication to community and patient involvement. In addition to his volunteer involvement in the West Seattle community, he has served as the team doctor for Seattle Lutheran’s football team, and provided medical screening and hearing tests for elementary and middle schools throughout West Seattle.

Accreditation and Awards:

  1. Board Certified in Family Practice

  2. Graduate: Chicago Medical School in Chicago, IL

  3. Graduate School: University of Health Sciences in Chicago, IL

  4. Residency: Providence Medical Center in Seattle, WA

  5. Fellowship: Kellogg Community Medicine

  6. Fellowship: Biomedical Research, Chicago Medical School in Chicago, IL

  7. Member, Highline Medical Center’s medical staff

  8. Member, Swedish Medical Center’s medical staff

  9. *Physician of the Year, King County Academy of Family Physicians, 2007


“Dr. Harrington is definitely one of the best PCPs in Seattle. I know how much he cares, not only for patients, but also for the state of healthcare today.”  - Rachel

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