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Daytime Family Medicine in West Seattle

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“I have been going to Dr. Harrington for over three years. He’s great, easy to talk to, listens, and explains things well. We’re fortunate to have him in West Seattle!” 

- Dave


My Family Doctor of West Seattle is a primary care clinic offering convenient comprehensive medical care services for the whole family – from infants and children, to adults and seniors.

We are led by primary care physician Terrill Harrington, MD, MS – a doctor who still believes in the “old country doctor” model: using experience, broad perspective, common sense, compassion, good listening skills, and an attitude of shared partnership... all with the goal of helping our patients understand and achieve optimum health.

Dr. Harrington is supported by an outstanding staff who is equally committed to fostering an atmosphere of respect, dignity, and shared commitment to health, backed by a full complement of medical resources at their fingertips.

“I’m honored when babies I have delivered are still coming to me for their healthcare years later.”  – Dr. Terrill Harrington




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In addition to our day clinic, we offer the community an alternative to the expense and long wait times of an emergency room.

The walk-in clinic requires no appointment, just walk in to receive urgent medical care, such as:

Ear aches / sick babies
Home accidents and injuries
Cuts, scrapes, and other wounds
Asthma attacks
Sprains and strains
Fever and flu
Food poisoning
    and more...

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