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How do I combat Spring allergies?

This year’s allergy season is hitting early, thanks to our unseasonable (El Niño) weather patterns. How can you get a jump on your body’s ability to handle it?

Avoid exposure when possible. Pollen counts rise dramatically during the warmest hours.
Buy a hepafilter for your office and bedroom. 
Take allergy medicines daily... it often takes several days for meds to start working.
If you have asthma, take your meds regularly.
Get your carpets and drapes cleaned... pollen builds up everywhere.

Need an allergy specialist? We highly recommend Northwest Asthma and Allergy Clinichttp://www.nwasthma.com/index.asp

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“Dr. Harrington was the most patient doctor I have ever been to. He listened to each and every question I had, let me complete my question in full, and answered in full. Amazing man!”   - Erin

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